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Today’s competition of the Horseland Cross Country Day in front of a record crowd of 22,000 spectators has Shane Rose, NSW leading in the Adelaide International 5-star competition, Shenae Lowings in the RM Williams 4-star competition, and Oliver Barrett leading in the Racing SA 3-star competition.


RESULTS FOLLOWING THE Horseland Cross Country Day Competitions today (21/04/2023) are:


  1. Shane Rose on Virgil with a score of 28.5 with 0.4 penalties added today.

  2. Sam Lyle on BF Valour with a score of 33.6 with 8 penalties added today.

  3. Shane Rose on Be My Daisy with a score of 36.8 with 10.4 penalties added today.

  4. Kenya Wilson on Sandros Salute MW on 37.3 with 1.6 penalties added today

  5. Sophia Hill on Humble Glory with a score of 40.9 with no penalties added today.



  1. Shenae Lowings on Bold Venture with a score of 34.3 with 8.4 penalties added today.

  2. Andrew Cooper on Sha valley Thunder with a score of 38.5 with 6.8  penalties added today.

  3. Shane Rose on Easy Turn with a score of 38.7 with 8.8 penalties added today.

  4. Cathryn Herbert on Wimborne Constable with a score of 39.2 with 11.6 penalties added today.

  5. Shane Rose on Dotti with a score of 45.1 with 16 penalties added today.



  1. Oliver Barrett on Sandhills Special with a score of 28.1 with 2 penalties added today.

  2. Erin Callahan on Danson Lincoln with a score of 29.6 with no penalties added today.

  3. Molly Lines on Tadpole with a score of 30.9 with no penalties added today.

  4. Jess Somerfield on Finch Farm Carpentaria with a score of 32.5 with 5.2 penalties added today.

  5. Samuel Jeffree on Wimbourne Conjuror with a score of 35.6 with no penalties added today.


Adelaide Equestrian Festival Chairman Greg Rolton said:  “It’s exhilarating for both seasoned equestrians and new spectators watching the horses rush by amidst the stunning parklands under perfect weather conditions.


“The 2023 courses designed for this weekend by internationally renowned designer Mike Etherington Smith is challenging which makes for great viewing and an exciting competition.”


“We are looking forward to tomorrow’s final day of competition, the ATCO Show Jumping Day, and invite everyone whether local or visitors - you don’t need to know a thing about horses – just book your ticket online then come and enjoy a great value day out in the sunshine with us.”


South Australian Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison said Sunday is the day for visitors and locals alike to ensure they don’t miss out on seeing the action at the Adelaide Equestrian Festival in the city’s parklands.


“It’s been wonderful to see record crowds back in the parklands – ticket sales already surpassed 2019 levels by day one of the festival, and we’ve seen spectators cheering on our nation’s elite equestrians in their first chance to compete in front of Olympic Selectors for Paris 2024.


“Festivals such as this are a great way for locals and visitors to experience the best of our state and I encourage people to come to the Parklands tomorrow for a day out like no other,” Minister Bettison said.


Shane Rose, competitor in the 5 Star event – the highest level in Equestrian – said: “The weather could not have been better… perfect for spectators and not too hot for the horses.


“It’s been a really nice experience. Galloping through the olive groves and the winding paths of Adelaide.


“So far I’m really happy with my horses,’’ Rose said after the 5 star competition where he was holding down first and third positions on Virgil and Be My Daisy to go into the  Jumping round on Sunday.


“Be My Daisy was a trooper and she just kept on punching, and Virgil, the old campaigner, got the job done.’’


Rose ran the Cross Country course on Friday afternoon after his dressage rides to analyse it closely.


“You’ve to know every tree out there to know what side to be on each of them when you are galloping at the speed we do. And there’s a lot of trees out there,’’ Rose said.


The Adelaide Equestrian Festival is supported by the South Australian Government through the South Australian Tourism Commission.  ni beriate mpossit iorentio eum quistrum res cupti con.


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