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Media accreditation

Applications are now open for Media Accreditations for the 2024 Adelaide Equestrian Festival. 

Before submitting a Media Accreditation application, please ensure to read the Accreditation Guidelines below.

accreditation guidelines

To cover the 2024 Adelaide Equestrian Festival, representatives of media organisations may apply for media accreditation. Interested parties are required to complete our online application form by the required deadline (Friday 1 March, 2024). Organisers of the 2024 Adelaide Equestrian Festival are solely responsible for determining which organisations and individuals receive accreditation. Previous accreditation is no guarantee of a repeat in 2024 or in the future. All media approved for accreditation at the 2024 event will receive free access to the event as well as access to the Media Centre. Information and results will be available for all accredited media, as are nightly press conferences with the leading riders of the CCI5*. WiFi will be available as will tea and coffee making facilities.

FEI rules prohibit media from accessing the stables, however, the Adelaide Equestrian Festival media officers may be able to facilitate interviews with riders. Each accredited media operator will be issued with an accreditation pass which MUST be worn and displayed at all times. Any media in the designated media areas without accreditation WILL BE REMOVED by security. Personnel who do not comply with the directions of competition officials may be removed from the event and their accreditation immediately revoked.


Video: Media Accreditation to cover the Adelaide Equestrian Festival will be granted on the condition that you agree not to shoot any video of the competition. Please be advised that posting of competition video on any website or social media page without written consent will be cause for revoking your credential and possible legal action.

Still Photography: Any commercial photography, or advertisement thereof, taken of the competition or otherwise at the event, without prior written consent from event management is expressly forbidden. Providing complimentary photos to exhibitors is also prohibited. Violation of these rules will be grounds for immediate removal from the premises and possible legal action.

Commercial Photographers not assigned to a media assignment need to apply and pay the 'Commercial Photographers Levy' prior to Monday 8 April, 2024, see details here.

application process

For a freelance media accreditation pass to be issued the applicant must provide a ‘Letter of Assignment' from a recognised media organisation. The organisers will be verifying the nature of all commissions.

Applications must be:-

  • Completed in English.

  • Signed by the applicant and their respective editor/producer.

  • One application per person and accompanied with a photograph.



All accreditation application forms MUST include the signature of the applicant within the 'Letter of Assignment'. The applicant agrees to the terms and conditions outlined herein and to the terms and conditions of use of the Media Accreditation Pass during the event.


An identifying photograph must accompany each application.

  • The photograph must be an accurate likeness of the applicant.

  • The photograph must be a front view of the applicant's head and shoulders.

  • The background must be plain.

  • The photograph must be colour and not have been altered in any way.


Following the application deadline, the 2024 Adelaide Equestrian Festival will process all received applications. Applicants will be notified if they have been successful in gaining media accreditation.


Media Accreditation Passes will be available for collection from the Media Centre on Wednesday 17th April between 12pm and 2pm or on Thursday 18th April from 8.30am to 4.00pm. Passes must be worn at all times and especially to gain access to the event site and Media Centre.

We seek your cooperation in ensuring the accreditation guidelines are respected. The safety of those involved in the event is our prime concern and we are certain all media will be able to do their jobs within the guidelines. A breach of the guidelines or refusal to follow the reasonable direction of the Event Organisers and security will result in the immediate forfeit of accreditation.

Application deadline: Friday 1 March, 2024

Confirmation of Accreditation: Friday 15 March, 2024

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