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Day 1 and 2 wrap up for the Adelaide Equestrian Festival

The start of the Adelaide Equestrian Festival has seen the ResourceCo Community Day and Pryde’s Easifeed Dressage Day capture the attention of thousands of spectators with the Racing SA CCI3*-L Dressage, Horseland CCl4*-S Dressage and the Adelaide International CCl5* Dressage taking centre stage on the Gillian Rolton Main Arena, Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi.

The precision driven discipline saw 49 of the finest equestrian athletes and their horses from around Australia and New Zealand compete against each other in their respective categories to perform and showcase the horse’s movements in a seamless presentation that requires a united relationship between rider and horse.


The Adelaide Equestrian Festival Chair Greg Rolton said the first two days of the festival had seen strong attendance numbers that matched the strong competition.


“The first phase of this 4-day eventing competition is always highly anticipated as it sets the tone for the rest of the weekend,” Mr Rolton said.


“Dressage leads us into a highly engaging and energic Saturday line-up with the RB Sellars Cross Country Day which sees these world-class athletes making their way through Adelaide’s East Park Lands.”


“Our spectators and judges were fortunate enough to witness some first-class performances across Thursday and Friday. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Adelaide Equestrian Festival.”


Visitors to the Adelaide Park Lands were also able to immerse themselves in a series of family friendly activities, marketplace shops and boutique food and beverage offerings.


“There is something for everyone at the Adelaide Equestrian Festival. It’s a destination event that offers a taste of everything at your fingertips – stunning views across the Adelaide Park Lands paired with the finest equestrian riders and their horses while experiencing the very best that South Australia has to offer,” Mr Rolton said.


Racing SA CCI3*-L Dressage Results

First Place: Olivia Barton, APH SODOKU (AUS) with 29.9 Penalties

Second Place: Jade Findlay, PIKS DANCING QUEEN (AUS) with 30.8 Penalties

Third Place: Sam Woods, SS EIGHT COUNT (AUS) with 31.8 Penalties


Horseland CCl4*-S Dressage Results

First Place: Shenae Lowings, BOLD VENTURE (AUS) with 27.8 Penalties

Second Place: Oliver Barrett, SANDHILLS SPECIAL (AUS) with 30.5 Penalties

Third Place: Hazel Shannon, WILLINGPARK CLIFFORD (AUS) with 31.4 Penalties


Adelaide International CCl5* Dressage Results

First Place: Diane Gilder, YOUR ATTORNEY (NZ) with 31.5 Penalties

Second Place: Andrew Cooper, HEY ARNOLD (AUS) with 33.7 Penalties

Third Place: Gordon Bishop, ADVANTAGE HILL (AUS) with 34.2 Penalties

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