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Bates Saddles announced as new sponsor of the Bates Saddles Rymill Lake at the Adelaide Equestrian Festival!

A long-standing sponsor, exhibitor and the ‘Official Saddle Partner’ of the Adelaide

Equestrian Festival, Bates Saddles announces expanding partnership. Bates Saddles; expanded sponsorship of the Adelaide Equestrian Festival, including naming rights for the Bates Saddles Rymill Lake, demonstrates their commitment to supporting elite-level eventing in Australia.

Bates Saddles’ guiding principle has always been horse welfare and comfort, as well

as the strong belief that “comfortable horses perform better”. Their focus on horse

welfare has enabled them to reimagine saddle functionality from the horse’s

perspective. Through this approach, Bates Saddles’ creative solutions have become

the industry benchmark for horse comfort under saddle and position Bates Saddles

as a company with unparalleled competitive advantage in the industry.

Bates Saddles reputation for innovation in equestrian saddle technology and the

emphasis they place on championing horse comfort aligns well with the spirit of the

festival. Their support helps the Adelaide Equestrian Festival maintain its status as

Australia's premier equestrian event, providing riders and spectators with

unforgettable experiences.

Throughout the history of the event, many Bates saddles have been spotted on

course and in the area, making history. With top riders such as last year’s 5* winner

Shane Rose, 4* winner Shenae Lowings and 3* winner Oliver Barrett riding

exclusively in Bates saddles.

Chair of the Adelaide Equestrian Festival, Greg Rolton added “After the events’

successful return in 2023, we were excited to have Bates Saddles show increased

support for elite-level eventing in Australia and are elated for Bates Saddles to

become the naming rights sponsors of this cross-country highlight, the Bates

Saddles Rymill Lake.”

“Sponsors like Bates Saddles have played an integral part in enabling the Adelaide

Equestrian Festival to develop and evolve into the incredible spectacle it is today as

Australia’s premier equestrian event. We are excited to see the Bates Saddles Rymill

Lake in its full glory, as it continues to challenge riders and excite spectators” Mr

Rolton said.

Bates Saddles is an official partner of British Equestrian, British Eventing, the

German Equestrian Federation (FN), the United States Equestrian Association and

was recently announced as the Official FEI Saddle Partner.

Media Contact Adelaide Equestrian Festival: Sarah Stokes of Parlare Public Relations Contact 0412 658 390 |


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