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An enduring legacy...

Gillian Rolton AM left an indelible mark on Equestrian sport, not only as an accomplished athlete and dual Olympic Gold Medallist but also as the visionary Event Director of the only 5-star event in the Southern Hemisphere. In recognition of her unparalleled contributions, the Main Arena in Victoria Park was rightfully named the Gillian Rolton AM Main Arena in 2018.


To ensure that this significant asset remains in her namesake perpetually and continues to serve as a symbol of Gillian's enduring legacy, the Adelaide Equestrian Festival, through the facility of the Australian Sports Foundation, has established a fund. This fund is dedicated to honouring Gillian Rolton AM's impact on Equestrian sport and securing her legacy for generations to come.


We are extending a special invitation to individuals and organizations who share our commitment to preserving Gillian Rolton's legacy to join the Legacy Club. By making a tax-deductible donation of $5,000 or more, you will play a crucial role in supporting this initiative.

To join the Legacy Club, we kindly request a minimum contribution of $5,000. Your generous donation will directly contribute to preserving the Gillian Rolton AM Main Arena and ensuring it remains a lasting tribute to her unparalleled contributions to Equestrian sport. Members will be listed in our Souvenir Event Program and website unless you wish to remain anonymous.

How to donate


Visit our dedicated donation page here, to make your tax-deductible contribution securely online. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly for assistance or to discuss other ways you can contribute.

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