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April 21, 2023


Adelaide, Australia - The Adelaide Equestrian Festival is thrilled to announce the results of today’s competition at Pryde’s Easifeed Dressage Day in the Adelaide Parklands.


 RESULTS FOLLOWING the RM WILLIAMS 4* Dressage Competition today (21/04/2023) are:

1. Olivia Barton on Henrik APH with a score of 25.6

2. Shenae Lowings on Bold Venture with a score of 25.9

3. Cathryn Herbert on Wimborne Constable with a score of 27.6


RESULTS FOLLOWING the ADELAIDE INTERNATIONAL 5* Dressage Competition today (21/04/2023) are:

1. Monica Spencer on Artist with a score of 24

2. Sam Lyle on BF Valour with a score of 25.6

3. Shane Rose on Be My Daisy with a score of 26.4


Monica Spencer, NZ, in the 5 Star event – the highest level – said: “There was a bit of atmosphere out there. I felt him ride up under me but he stayed with me all the way through and I was rapt. He just stood there perfectly still to finish and for the cheers of the crowd. I think he loves the crowd.’’


Adelaide Equestrian Festival Chairman Greg Rolton said: "What a perfect day here at the dressage, and the forecast is for another sensational day tomorrow for the Cross Country. Today’s competition was great to watch, and the record crowd enjoyed it immensely. We can’t wait to host everyone this weekend for more great equestrian action, food, wine and family fun.”


“We’re proud that already over 25,000 tickets have been sold for this week’s event, but with our vast and stunning parklands there’s still plenty of room and time for everyone to buy their ticket for tomorrow or Sunday and experience this great festival with us."


The Adelaide Equestrian Festival is supported by the South Australian Government through the South Australian Tourism Commission.

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